Urad Dal Gota

Urad Dal Gota

Sun Impex offers premium quality urad dal gota or black matpe huskless without split. Black matpe whole, cultivated using best farming methods and is sourced by Sun Impex and processed further into urad dal gota (huskless) using industry’s finest standards. The final dispatch of the urad dal gota is only done once the lot has been passed through stringent quality checks, matched against specific parameters. We offer urad dal gota in FAQ (i.e. size below 3.25 mm) and SQ (i.e. size above 3.25mm) varieties in packaging of different quantities. Both variances of black matpe (urad) can be delivered by Sun Impex that is the whole (with husk) and gota (huskless).



FAQ (i.e. size below 3.25 mm);
SQ (i.e. size above 3.25mm)

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