Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potato Puree

An excellent source of Vitamin B & C, iron, calcium, selenium and antioxidant beta-carotene, sweet potato packs healthy nutrition for everyone. Sun Impex brings to you all the rich nutrients of sweet potato power-packed in puree form. Only the premium quality sweet potatoes are utilized in the puree preparation process. A sweet potato may though carry a slight sweet taste but a rotten sweet potato isn’t sweet at all; rather it has an irritatingly bad flavour and soft texture. Our offered sweet potato puree is made from the freshest stock of sweet potatoes coming straight from the farm to the processing unit. As part of the puree preparation process, the fresh sweet potatoes are boiled and their skin peeled off which is followed by chopping and mashing them and processing further until a smooth & silkier texture is obtained. You can use our offered sweet potato puree to make biscuits, pies or some other dishes as required. Place your order now to avail our fresh stocks of nutritious sweet potato puree!


BRIX : 8-19
ACIDITY : 0.01-0.08

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