Red Pepper Puree

Red Pepper Puree

One of the most common varieties of bell peppers, red pepper is used in daily as well as special culinary preparations. Red Pepper puree from Sun Impex offers you the chance to gain the absolute goodness of red peppers besides making your dishes incredibly delicious. High amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin C and folate present in our offered Red Pepper puree render it a must-have for you to enjoy nutritive dish preparation in kitchen. For preparing the nutritious puree, only bright red peppers devoid of any spots are made use of. The selected premium quality red peppers are washed, deseeded, skinned and cut into smaller chunks before sending them for final processing. A smooth and clean textured red pepper puree with amazing bright red colour is finally obtained post processing. Global customers appreciate the attractive red colour and fine taste of our offered red pepper puree. You can choose to serve it over brown rice with shredded chicken or simply mix it with some pasta, grated cheese and parsley for a heavenly delight. You can prepare even more yummy dishes with our red pepper puree. Just place your order now!


BRIX : 7-9
ACIDITY : 0.2-0.4

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