Although, We consume popcorn from time to time there are still facts unknown about it !Popcorn is a variety of kernels made of corn which expand when its been heated. There are two types of popcorn kernels. Regardless, that they both are made from corn each kernel represents different characteristics. The first type of popcorn kernel is ‘Butterfly or Snowflake shaped popcorn’.This particular type of popcorn comes in irregular shapes with light and fragile wings protruding from all sides. These are usually more tender and light than mushroom kernels. The second type of popcorn kernel is ‘Mushroom Popcorn’. These ones have a rather compact and ball like shape. They are larger denser and fragile than Butterfly Popcorn. Sun Impex offers 20/25kg of both variety of popcorns with a choice of packaging. Packaging can be done either with PP bags or Paper Bags. Sun Impex is really particular about the quality of the products it exports.Therefore, its ensured that both variety of popcorns are imported from the country which gives the finest quality of popcorn i.e. South Africa ,Brazil ,USA and Argentina.


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