Pear Juice Concentrate (Conventional/Organic)

Pear Juice Concentrate (Conventional/Organic)

Sun Impex offers best quality pear juice concentrate featuring a milky yellow colour and bursting with real fruit flavours. Our pear juice concentrate is prepared through a comprehensive quality-controlled process that makes it premium in all aspects. It can be easily used for preparing sweets, desserts, juices and in a lot more applications where authentic pear fruit flavour is desired. The top grade quality of our pear juice concentrate makes it highly sought-after in the domestic & International markets. Get pear juice concentrate only from the premium pear juice concentrate supplier – Sun Impex. Place order now!


Brix : 69-71
Acidity : 1.1-1.3 %
Packaging : 260 kg, 80 drums/20 ft
Filling : aseptic bags in drums

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