Peanuts – In Shell

Peanut is commonly called ‘Ground nut’ – a major source of oil mainly produce in China & India. We supply Bold and Java Peanut Kernels varieties.

In shell peanut: are widely grown in India/China especially used as a healthy snack because they help maintaining weight loss, contains nutrients. They provide maximum amount of proteins, fibers, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E which makes them very nutritious food.

They are not only for human consumption but also used for cattle feed. Very beneficial as oil seed, having high oil content.

We have 2 major varieties of peanuts Bold which are red skinned and elongated shaped and Java are pink skinned and round shaped.

SunImpex offers finest quality peanuts foreseeing the demands of our valuable consumers

Bold variety – Count: 18/22, 20/24 and 24/28 – Packing: 25kg jute bags

Java variety – Count: 32/36 and 36/40 – Packing: 25kg jute bags

Loading 17MT in 20’

Count 22/24, 24/26, 28/32
Moisture: 8%
Origin: India, China
Packaging: 25/50kg jute bags.
FCL 20′: 20 MT


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