Orange Puree (Conventional/Organic)

Orange Puree (Conventional/Organic)

A highly popular citrus fruit, orange delights with its abundantly juicy flesh. Sun Impex brings to you the natural goodness of orange fruit in form of delicious orange puree. We are a premium orange puree supplier with presence across the globe. Orange puree from Sun Impex is thick and flavourful with a smooth consistency that makes it highly sought-after in the global food market. Our orange puree is prepared from fresh oranges and comes devoid of any harmful additives. It can be used for several gourmet preparations. Avail premium orange puree at discounted rates from leading orange puree exporter – Sun Impex.


Brix : 8.0 Min
Acidity : 0.7 Min
Packaging : 200 kg metal conical drum
Filling : Aseptic bags in drums

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