Mushroom Puree

Mushroom Puree

High contents of antioxidants, Vitamin D, protein, fiber and other nutrients render mushrooms immensely beneficial for human consumption. Mushroom puree from Sun Impex is the best source to leverage the nutrition this delicious vegetable has on offer. Sun Impex offers premium mushroom puree prepared from freshly sourced mushrooms. Mushrooms with smooth white surface are selected while the ones having a darker sticky/slime surface are rejected. Inferior quality mushrooms are generally toxic in nature and hence these are avoided. For puree preparation, the mushrooms are washed, peeled, chopped and then finally processed to produce sufficiently thick puree. Mushroom puree from Sun Impex is prepared under strict quality control measures that makes it perfectly fit for use in food preparation. You may use our mushroom puree with roast veal, mushroom gravy or any other cuisine preparation where the flavour of mushroom can add wonders. Also, absolute purity is guaranteed as no additives are used in puree preparation.


BRIX : 1-4
ACIDITY : 0.03-0.1

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