Melon Balls

Melon Balls

Melon Balls

The juicy freshness of cantaloupe makes it highly suitable for relishing in any form. A leading melon balls supplier, Sun Impex offers highly luscious frozen melon balls to global clients. With our IQF melon balls, you can enjoy the rich taste of delectable muskmelon in the way you like, be it neatly gulping them raw or adding to cuisines.

Extremely Enticing, Delectable Musk Melon Balls Available

Loaded with tremendous sweet natural flavours, the spherical shaped juicy musk melon has everything to entice people of all ages. The soft & delicious inner fruit flesh contains high water content to keep you hydrated for long. Relishing frozen melon balls from Sun Impex is the perfect way to gain whatever the delicious fruit has on offer. The tiny, adorable-looking melon balls are scooped out from perfectly ripe juicy melons. Extra care is taken to ensure perfect uniformity in sizes of all melon balls. Extracted melon balls are further individually quick frozen to obtain the final product. Immensely delicious in taste, IQF melon balls from Sun Impex hold huge demand in worldwide food industry.

Look No Further for Juicy Melon Balls. Place Order with Sun Impex Now!

Being a prominent melon balls exporter, we strive to delight customers by offering frozen melon balls meeting the optimal quality standards. Our premium grade IQF melon balls are a great addition to salads and find the centre place in countless other food recipes. You can experience all the juicy lusciousness our tiny musk melon balls have on offer just by placing your order.


Product Size : Free flowing balls of sizes 20 ±2MM
Origin : India
Consistency : Solid
Raw Fruit : Less than 5% w/w.
Fines : Less than 2% w/w.
Colour : Pale Yellow to Light Reddish Orange
Taste/Smell : Typical of Semi ripen Cantaloupe Melon
TSS : 6? – 10? (+/- 1?) Brix
Acidity : 0.04% – 0.1%
pH : 5 to 6.5

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