Mandarin Juice Concentrate

Mandarin Juice Concentrate

A lot has been said by experts on the nutrition associated with delicious mandarin fruit. The incredibly nutritious mandarin fruit now comes to you in concentrate form. Sun Impex offers best quality Mandarin concentrate prepared under a strict quality control process. The offered juice concentrate bears a distinctive mandarin fruit aroma and taste and will cater to all your requirements of bringing the desired fruit flavour in your gourmet. As a premium mandarin juice concentrate supplier, we ensure that mandarin concentrate quality and packaging is taken high care of. We have huge stocks available currently. Place your order now!


BRIX : 64.0 – 66.0
ACIDITY : 25 – 47 gr/Kg (a.c.a.)
PH : 3.4 – 4.1
RATIO : 14 – 26
PULP CONTENT : (11.2º BX): 4– 8%
ENERGY : 1050 KJ/100 gr
FAT : 0.5 gr/100 gr
CARBOHYDRATES : 57.5 gr/100 gr
SUGARS : 56.5 gr/100 gr
PROTEIN : 3.5 gr/100 gr
FIBER : 1 gr/100 gr

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