Ginger Puree

Ginger Puree

Loaded with 40 antioxidant properties, ginger is highly effective & popular for prevention of free radical damage. The commonly used powerful herb now comes to you as puree from Sun Impex. Our Ginger puree is used worldwide in food preparation due to its rich taste and high health benefits it offers. Only the premium quality lot of ginger is used in preparation of offered Ginger puree. Even the slightest of wrinkles in ginger may indicate the initiation of rotting process from within and hence such ginger is avoided. Fresh ginger is washed, peeled and slashed into small chunks before being sent for final processing to make the desired puree having a smooth texture. Our offered Ginger puree carries a uniform consistency in texture while the aroma is just mind-blowing. You may store it in a cool & dry place to avoid early rotting. Feel free to use our Ginger puree as a meat tenderizer, for flavour enhancement or more depending on your culinary requirement. Place your order for ginger puree now!


BRIX : 3-5
ACIDITY : 0.01-0.09

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