Gac Fruit Puree (Conventional/Organic)

Gac Fruit Puree (Conventional/Organic)

The blood-red colour Gac fruit is power-packed with multiple nutrients and same is the case with the premium puree made from it by Sun Impex – a leading Gac fruit puree exporter. The attractive red colour, thick texture and enticing aroma of our Gac fruit puree will keep you craving for more. Only the perfectly-ripe Gac fruits are used in preparation of this nutritious puree. A lot of efforts are taken to adhere to the highest quality standards while manufacturing the offered Gac fruit puree. We currently have huge stocks of Gac fruit puree for global customers. Place your order now!


Brix : Min 10
Acidity : at pH 8.1 Max 1
pH : 3.5-4.0
Brix/Acid ratio : 15-30
Additives Citric Acid : 0.4-0.9 %
Total Carotenoids : Min. 1250 ppm
Color : Deep Red
Flavor : Typical & no objectional flavor & odor.
Smell & Taste : Typical fresh fruit
Packing : Packed in two PE bags in open head steel drums, Net wt : 180 kgs
Storage Conditions : Deep Frozen (-18?C)
Product Shelf Life : Best before 24 months under above conditions

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