Frozen Passion Fruit Juice NFC

Frozen Passion Fruit Juice NFC

Passion fruit juice comes packed with the goodness of vitamins and fiber that are extremely healthy for human body. Sun Impex offers the best quality frozen passion fruit NFC juice to global customers. As a leading supplier of frozen passion fruit NFC juice, we ensure delighting customers with the amazing quality we have on offer. Natural Fresh Flavour of Our Passion Fruit NFC Juice Would Surely Impress You With no role of fruit concentrate in juice preparation process, our passion fruit NFC juice comes to you bursting with natural fresh flavour and all nutritional benefits intact. So, you can stay assured of gaining absolute nutrition from the juice just like what a ripe passion fruit would offer. These are packed with utmost hygienic procedures that maintain them in excellent shape for delivery. The juice comes to you in frozen form. These are meant to be deep frozen at temperature of -18 degrees or less if shelf life of 24 months is to be maintained. Place Order for Premium Passion Fruit NFC Juice Now If you do adore the rich taste and flavour of passion fruit juice, our passion fruit NFC juice is perfect for you. It will provide you all the nourishing goodness of passion fruit you had been looking for quite long. Just place your order to get best quality passion fruit NFC juice delivered to you in quick time.


Brixmin : 12 %
Acidity : 2.5-6.2 %
Packaging : 190 kg 2 PE bags in open head steel drum
Filling : aseptic bags in drums

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