Sun Impex brings an enticing list of flavours that are classic and trendy – ready for use in variety of confectionary applications. We are flavour manufacturers who believe in taking up new challenges to gratify changing taste indulgences around the world. It is our endeavour to bring intriguing new products and interesting blends for confectionary industry, one of the most dynamic industries.

As a flavor company, our expertise and processing abilities helps us to manufacture stable flavours that are suitable for use in hard confectionery and soft confectionery. Apart from this we have exclusive and original gourmet lollipop flavors that added incredible variations to lollipops. We also offer other flavours for bubble gum, chewing gum, candies and chocolates.

An array of creamy flavours such as Butter Toffee, buttercream, caramel and milk have been specifically designed for industrial production of toffees and its derivatives. Fruit based products like orange and cherry flavor. Other exotic flavours like chocolate, cocoa, rose and dark have also been developed by us. It’s our purpose to meet you taste perceptions and enhance the overall culinary experience, delivering a pleasant after taste sensation.

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