Carrot Puree Concentrate

Carrot Puree Concentrate

The most common use of carrots as salads has been prevalent since a long time; however, these are also deployed in various culinary applications in raw form or as puree. Sun Impex offers you high quality Carrot puree concentrate made from premium carrot puree. Our carrot puree concentrate packs all the nutrition in form of Vitamin A & C, fiber and minerals that a carrot has on offer. Freshness of carrots does play a crucial role in deciding the overall composition and texture of resulting carrot puree concentrate. Hence, only the premium quality carrots are utilized for our carrot puree preparation which yields the soothing Carrot puree concentrate as the end product post rigorous processing. You will definitely like the bright orange colour and consistent texture of our offered carrot puree. The edible root vegetable when processed in form of puree concentrate becomes perfect for use in dishes. We are presenting you the real goodness of carrots in form of Carrot puree concentrate. Place your order now!


BRIX : 31-33
ACIDITY : 0.2-0.8

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