Canned Pineapple Crushed Fine/Coarse

Canned Pineapple Crushed Fine/Coarse

Pineapples are world-renowned for their wholesome nutrition and unmatched tropical flavours that entice people of all ages. Being a reputed canned pineapple exporter, we offer crushed pineapple in supreme quality to worldwide customers. Packing soothing tropical flavours of delicious pineapples, our crushed pineapple comes to you in two forms – coarse crushed and fine crushed. As per your distinctive culinary requirement, you can place order for the specific canned crushed pineapple variety with us.


Packing : 10kg/108oz/30oz/20oz/150z/8oz
Choice : grade / standard grade

In heavy syrup

brix : 18-22

In light syrup

brix : 14-17

Natural juice

brix : 10-14

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