Canned Pears Halves / Slices / Dices

Canned Pears Halves / Slices / Dices

The uniquely shaped pear fruit packs some amazing sweet flavours that may keep you craving for more always. Sun Impex brings the enticingly delicious pear fruit to you in canned form. Our excellent quality canned pear is made available as dices, slices and halves; so you can get the type just suited for your requirements. Only optimally selected mature pears are made use of in preparing our canned pear. You can prepare pear pudding, pear pie, pie custard and more using our best-in-class canned pear.


Light and heavy syrup

Packing : 425gm/820gm/2500gm/3kg in tin
Packing : 530gm / 680gm / 1500gm in glass jar

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