Canned Mango pulp

Canned Mango pulp

Awarded the perfect title of “The king of fruits”, mango definitely has some of the most delicious flavours unparalleled in all respects. We bring to you the incredibly enticing flavours of succulent mango fruit in form of canned mango pulp. Available for Alphonso, Kesar and Totapuri, our canned mango pulp comes loaded with natural taste and aroma of these distinctive mango varieties. Only optimally ripe mangoes are used in preparation of our offered excellent grade canned mango pulp. Place order for canned mango pulp now!

Mango contains vitamin C, fibre and pectin beneficial in different ways which helps in digestion, boosts immunity, cleansing the skin with a glow, controls the cholesterol.

Mango pulp is been consumed worldwide the leading import countries Middle-East, followed by the European Union and now recently USA has started emerging to the mango flavor.

Buying Canned or Aseptic packing in Mango pulp it still retains the same texture, flavour, velvety smooth puree. The concept to store Mango pulps in cans benefits many consumers as well it is a perfect kitchen substitute for instant milkshakes, pudding, lassi and not to miss the popular dessert to prepare mouthwatering Aam Ras. Preserving in cans has a long shelf life 24months and an easy way to supply worldwide.

We offer Mango pulp in three main varieties where only optimally ripe mangoes are used in preparation of our offered excellent grade canned mango pulp.

Alphonso mango pulp Brix 16, harvested End April – May and cultivated in western and southern states of India. It is known for its incredible taste and Alphonso superbly loved all over the world.

Totapuri mango pulp Brix 14, harvested June – July and cultivated in southern state of India. Totapuri mango pulp is very commercially type of mango with a typical bright yellow colour.

Kesar mango pulp Brix 16-18, colour oranges yellow. With its authentic taste from the Kesar mangoes it is now being exported to countries around the world Middle East, Asia.

Our canned mango pulp is used for making juices, nectars, baby food purees, jams, marmalades, mango ice-cream, yoghurt, confectionery etc.

HURRY! SunImpex offers Canned mango pulp with an extra depth of sweetness, aroma to be cherished. Packed in Plain/Golden/white lacquered cans in 850gms and 3.1kg cans.


Kesar mango pulp

Packing : 850gm/3.1kg
Brix : 16

Alphonso mango pulp

Packing : 850gm/3.1kg
Brix : 16

Totapuri mango pulp

Packing : 3.1kg
Brix : 14

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