Canned Aloe Vera

Canned Aloe Vera

A stemless small size plant, Aloe Vera has thick and fleshy green leaves having serrated margin exhibiting small white teeth. It is widely used across the globe on account of its authentic medicinal properties and some culinary applications. We bring to you excellent quality canned Aloe Vera perfect for use in diverse applications. Our canned Aloe Vera is extracted from the most succulent Aloe Vera plants by using only the best extraction practices. You can get canned Aloe Vera in bulk at the most competitive pricing by placing your order with us now.


Size: 10x10mm / 20x20mm dice cut

Brix: In heavy syrup 18-22; In light syrup 14-17

Packing: 10kg/108oz/30oz/20oz/150z/8oz

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