Asparagus Puree

Asparagus Puree

Sun Impex brings to you Asparagus puree – our yet another nutritious vegetable puree with amazing health benefits. Asparagus is often considered a medicinal vegetable due to its ability lower blood pressure, improve digestion and reduce weight. Our offered Asparagus puree packs all the goodness of the bright green veggie in form of high content of Vitamins A, C, K and E besides fiber, calcium and protein. The Asparagus puree we offer is prepared from nice & fresh stock of Asparagus and features a rich vibrant green colour. Post washing, the green veggie is heated and then blended constantly until a smooth texture is visible that indicates the readiness of fresh puree. While the overall nutritional value of our Asparagus puree is impressively high, its addition to your gourmet preparations could enhance the overall flavour & taste of the final dish. Fresh stocks of Asparagus puree are available with us. Place your order now!


BRIX : 4-8
ACIDITY : 0.05-0.2

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