Apple Puree (Conventional/Organic)

Apple Puree (Conventional/Organic)

Sun Impex, as a reputed apple puree supplier, presents finest quality apple puree for all your genuine desires of the tasty apple fruit. It combines the perfect sweetness and nutritional goodness of fresh apples to help you create that delicious cuisine bursting in extra rich apple flavours. Our apple puree is perfectly suited for making pancakes, pudding and a host of other desserts. You may be even mesmerized with the pale brownish colour, thick texture and strong smell of our offered apple puree. It’s time now to relish the goodness of your favorite apple in form of premium grade apple puree.


Brix Min. 11
Acidity 0.1-0.7
Packaging 220 kg, 80 drums/20 ft
Filling aseptic bags in drums

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