Premium Quality Wheat Flour and Semolina Now at Sun Impex

Sun Impex has always maintained its promise of delivering the best quality agro-products. Being one of the most reputed agro and HORECA products suppliers, it has a deep understanding of the food and beverage industry. Above all, it keeps an eye on the ever-changing global markets to get out new and best quality products.

Sun Impex is here to delight the world with two new wheat products- Wheat Flour and Semolina. Wheat is a worldwide staple food and is grown on every continent except Antarctica. A crop that originated in Southwestern Asia is now grown on 544.6 million acres of land surface, more than any area utilized for cultivation of a food crop. Wheat flour is the ground form of wheat which is used in bread, pasta, crackers, bagels, cakes muffins, etc.

Semolina is also a wheat product which is made from durum wheat, which digests slowly and keeps one full for a longer time. Quick to cook, Semolina is a brilliant source of Vitamin E and B and perfect for those who prefer an active lifestyle. It is a nourishing source of energy packed with potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium.

Quality Packing at the Heart of Sun Impex

Sun Impex offers Wheat Flour and Semolina that is sourced from India with original taste and expected quality. It has always believed in delivering products in high quality, hygienic packaging and continues to hold this promise with these new offerings as well. Premium Wheat Flour is available in 50 Kg packaging while Semolina is available in 25 Kg packaging.
To avail quality Wheat Flour and Semolina, book your order with Sun Impex NOW!

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