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Pomegranate Concentrate: Super Flavours from the Super Fruit

Pomegranate is a beautiful fruit which when torn apart reveals many bright crimson colour seeds that look like studded rubies. The term Pomegranate actually means an apple with many seeds. Native to the Middle East, it is a super fruit that is packed with many antioxidants and vitamins. The fruit helps in delaying signs of ageing, strengthens hair follicles, boost heart health, etc.

Sun Impex, a leading supplier of agro and HORECA products offers two amazing pomegranate juice concentrate varieties – Cloudy pomegranate and Clarified pomegranate juice concentrate. Sourced from Spain, they contain no flavouring agents and packaged hygienically and delivered in 270 Kg aseptic bags in drums with loadability of 70 DRUMS/20″ FCL.

Cloudy pomegranate juice concentrate contains more antioxidants than clarified pomegranate juice concentrate. The latter can be stored for a longer period of time as it contains no residue which can spoil its consistency. Cloudy pomegranate juice concentrate can be easily used in salads, spreads, gullac, syrup, chutney and curry production while clarified pomegranate concentrate is used in breakfast cereals, baked foods, desserts, chocolates, etc.

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