Plant based protein – First step to healthy life!

Nowadays, most of the consumers are now linking between diet and regime. Awareness of being fit and healthy has powered the high demand of food and beverage products that provide nutritional value to their daily living.

What is plant based protein? Food source of protein derived from plants ie pulses, seeds, specific grains, nuts…….. ensuring we get enough of proteins everyday. When we think of protein we look at eggs, chicken, but what if we opt our proteins from plants instead of animal sources.


  • Free from GMO, soy, dairy, gluten,egg
  • pure vegetarian
  • High protein solubility
  • High emulsification capacity
  • High foaming stability
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • High water and oil absorption capacity


  • Meat extenders, Beverages Protein shakes, Protein bars, Soups and Sauces

We at SunImpex offers the below protein based concentrates:

  • Lentil protein concentrate
  • Tomato seed protein concentrate
  • Chickpeas protein concentrate
  • Moringa leaf concentrate
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