Orange Juice


Orange juice is one of the most popular beverages for breakfast, snacking and even as a lunchtime drink! Freshly squeezed orange juice is extremely refreshing and delicious. Consuming orange juice has significant benefits according to research, including; preventing cancer, improved kidney and eye health. Due to the vast amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C present, people can overall improvise their health. Adding any sugars, sweeteners, and other ingredients can extract the benefits that you can attain.

Opting for 100% fruit concentrate is one of the purest and healthiest options. It is the most natural and nutritious form as it only entails natural fruit sugars. Of course, we have a wide range of added additives, preservatives and sugar available in the market. However, choosing natural real 100% fruit concentrate is ideal for healthy living.

The three main ingredients present in orange juice concrete:

  1. Vitamin C – Oranges are known for the vast amounts of vitamin C. This is a pure antioxidant and is a critical element to repair tissues in the body. The presence of antioxidants is highly vital as it allows for ‘the prevention of chain reactions that will result in cells being damaged. The primary function of vitamin C is to strengthen the immune system. When you lack specific vitamins, especially Vitamin C, this can result in diseases such as scurvy and other deadly sicknesses.
  2. Vitamin A – This vitamin is a group of ‘unsaturated nutritional organic compounds’ also known to be an antioxidant that ‘partners’ with the vitamin C component to maintain and help the immune system. The added beneficiary component of vitamin A is for good vision.
  3. Folate – part of the Vitamin B ‘family’ and is the third most significant component of orange juice. Consuming supplements of folate has proven to reduce the risk of having a stroke or any cardiovascular disease. The folate component further assists in creating DNA and the formation of new cells. It ‘safeguards’ cells from mutation and facilitates in forming new red blood cells; it also allows the blood to stream throughout the body and ensure all the organs are oxygenated and working to the maximum capability.

As we understand, it’s critical to comprehend the concept of 100% natural orange juice concentrate. Consumption in other forms is merely a waste of time and effort. At Sunimpex you can surely obtain 100% concentrate, which is entirely natural, and perfect for a healthy body.

The reason why opting for concentrate is more advantageous is due to the shelf life as compared to juices. Hence storage and shipping are more economical for all consumers. At Sun Impex we offer the most popular chosen orange juice concentrate worldwide. One of the prime safety measures undertaken is the ‘testing’ step of the the orange fruit. Once the quality is checked we allow it to undergo the process safely.

There are two variants available: orange juice concentrate clarified and orange juice cloudy. There are so many varieties for implementing orange juice concentrate, and adding it to your lifestyle is a simple measure for better health.

We are available across all regions from Asia, Europe, North America and more for a wide range of accessibility.

Your new Vitamin C partner is an order away! Incorporate trusted sources for a better gut and an even better immune system. At Sunimpex, you can avail a wide variety of orange juice and pulps extracted from the nature’s best oranges.

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