Myanmar Urad Dal is a Promising Pantry Staple

Affordable, healthy, and environmentally friendly, the Myanmar Urad Dal are nutrient powerhouses widely available across stores. Apart from their limitless health benefits and versatility, this pantry staple is of the highest quality. The Myanmar Urad Dal is special because of its distinct health goodness. For example, they are low in fat but are high in protein and fibre. Here are the main health benefits you’ll reap from consuming the Myanmar Urad Dal.


1) Packed with Plant-based Protein

The Myanmar Urad Dal contains a good amount of plant-based protein per serving. In addition, they’re packed with fibre and other vital nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, iron, and folate. Being a rich source of protein and fibre and low in fat, the Dal is an excellent meal substitute for keeping up with satiety.

2) Healthy for Heart

The Myanmar Urad Dal is a heart-healthy food choice. Studies have indicated that consuming these lentils can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and help manage body weight, all contributing to heart disease.

3) Good for Gut Health

Only a few know that the Myanmar Urad Dal has a rich source of fibre compared to other food sources. They are also a rich source of prebiotic fibre, the preferred food selection of gut bacteria, and contribution to better gut health.

4) Highly Versatile

The Myanmar Urad Dal is a versatile ingredient with a mild flavour profile, making them a perfect addition to rice and Indian bread.

5) Boosts Energy

These lentils provide slow-burning complex carbohydrates which take longer to break down. In turn, it offers lasting Energy to the body. In addition, the Urad Dal is a rich source of iron, essential in transporting oxygen to the blood and boosting energy production. Since iron deficiency is one of the primary causes of tiredness and fatigue, the Urad Dal is an excellent addition to the diet, especially during pregnancy, and for children and adults alike who are more prone to iron deficiency.

Now that you understand why the Myanmar Urad Dal is considered a nutritional powerhouse, you need to contact trusted suppliers. Sun Impex is a credible manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Agro-based food products. Their range of pulses & lentils, including the Myanmar Urad Dal, are widely in demand for their taste and nutritional content.

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