Mutton: The Life of King-Size Feasts

Mutton is one of the most relished meats around the world and used to prepare kebabs, curries, roasts etc in wedding parties and other celebratory events. It is red meat with firm white fat. It is one of the most preferred meats in the middle eastern region owing to its juicy texture and deep flavours.

Some of the most popular cuts of the meat are the leg, loin (chops and roasts), rack (rib chops and French chops), chuck, breast, and flank. It is not recommended for individuals with diabetes and gout, but are rich in protein, and selenium and chlorine which help prevent cancer.

As one of the major frozen mutton suppliers in the Middle-East region, Sun Impex offers fresh mutton sourced from India of two varieties- carcass and 6’ cut. It is raised on farms using healthy diet and natural methods to preserve its nutritive content.

It meets the growing demand of frozen mutton globally in packaging that maintains freshness and quality.

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