Mozzarella – Delicious Italian Cheese Packing Rich Goodness & an Impeccable Taste

Immensely popular cheese variety, Mozzarella has a reputation for its unmatched softness and impeccably-smooth taste. The super-soft Italian cheese is available in several other varieties too including Bocconcini, Burrata, Smoked mozzarella and Buffalo mozzarella. In Italian, Buffalo mozzarella is referred as “Mozzarella di Bufala” which indicates the source (buffalo) from where it is extracted. The premium cheese was earlier made only with buffalo milk; however, mozzarella at present can be derived from cow milk too. It must be mentioned here that cheese quantity derived from same quantity of buffalo milk is higher than that extracted from cow milk.

The word Mozzarella is derived from the word “mozzatura” which means “cutting something by hand”. That’s perhaps due to the reason that the curd is cut directly by hand and then shaped into balls during the production phase. Global demand for this variety of cheese may thus not surprize someone who has savoured the rich taste of Mozzarella at least once in his life.

Used in a wide range of culinary preparations worldwide, mozzarella finds predominant application in pizza preparation. The Italians have been using the premium cheese since ages. Enriched with nutrients like proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, and more; Buffalo mozzarella is widely sought-after in the culinary industry.

The low moisture content of the cheese renders it perfect for use as Pizza Margherita crust topping. Besides use in pizza, Mozzarella is also a key ingredient in Italian cuisines like Calzone, Insalata Caprese etc. When it comes to storage, mozzarella is recommended not to be stored in freezer as freezing temperatures are known to have adverse effect on the natural characteristic flavour of the premium cheese. Mozzarella also loses all its flavour when left immersed in milk. It should be rather stored in salted whey for maintaining optimum natural flavour.

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