Meeting The Increasing Demand For Flax Seeds

The use of flax seeds dates back to the early centuries but only in the recent years, they have been so much popular. People are getting aware of their nutritional facts and modern uses which has gradually increased the demand. Containing omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, micronutrients and dietary fiber, these seeds are capable of fulfilling every nutritional deficiency therefore highly beneficial for consumption. They are also good in taste therefore used as toppings on bread, fruit cakes and also desserts.

Most of the flax seeds are commercially used for the purpose of extracting oil, therefore, the seeds are cultivated in extreme care and harvested at the right time to ensure high oil content. These seeds are grown all over the world but the best ones are cultivated in the regions of Ukraine, Russia, and Canada.

Eating them whole may often not provide you with complete health benefits hence they are cold pressed to squeeze out all the oil along with their nutritional value. The oil is mostly food, medicine and cosmetic industries for their antioxidants and anti-inflammable properties.

Sun Impex also offers a range oilseeds but the one that makes to the top of the list is flax seeds. We procure the world finest flax seeds and process them into clean individual seeds and prepare them for oil extraction. All the cleaning and quality check is done under our facility so that oil processing industries can straight away begin the extraction process. Moreover, they are packaged in gunny bags in 25kgs and 50 kgs for convenient use and delivery.

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