Meet the Hopping Delight: Popcorn

They are preferred by a majority of people while enjoying a movie; they are also munched because their taste is hard to resist. Soft, crunchy, crispy and delicious – they are everyone’s favorite – Popcorn.

Popped out of natural grain when they are introduced to high temperature, popcorns have an ‘open-flower’ like shape. They are usually white, or light yellow in color with golden yellow opened grain holding it from its core. They are not genetically modified and free from adulteration and foreign matters. Thus, it is considered worldwide as a healthy snacking option.

There are those special edibles which are delicious yet healthy. Fortunately, popcorn is one of them. This low in fat and calories snack offers energy producing compounds to the body. It is sugar-free too. Hence, no fear of any health complications to the body while munching it.

Interestingly, the USA is the second biggest producer of unpopped popcorn. But Argentina is known as the largest world supplier of popcorn grains. It has been growing the quality popcorn grains in bulk quantity. The same has made Argentina a trusted supplier of this product.

Sun Impex, a trusted name in the agro-products industry, offers Popcorn Grains of butterfly variety. The superb quality grains explode to a minimum of 98% to give you a tub full of soft and creamy popcorns having a maximum moisture quantity of 14.5%.

Utmost care is taken while packing the popcorn grains before shipment to ensure the quality remains intact. Multiwall kraft paper bags of 10 kg / 25 kg / 20 kg / 50 pounds, polypropylene bags of 50 kg and huge bags for 1,000 kg are used as per the order size of the customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Order the premium quality popcorn grains from Sun Impex which are a perfect blend of taste and health. Happy Movie Hours!

*10 Grams include 65-75 Grains * Volume per 20 feet container: Approx. 25 Mton.

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