Massive Demand for Non-Indian Processed Fruit Products Unlocks New Business Opportunities in Africa

Known for its rich culture, fascinating wildlife and down-to-earth people, Africa does make a sound impact on the worldwide landscape. Currently, the world’s second largest continent is experiencing an enormous demand for Non-Indian processed fruit products as a result of the diversifying requirements of the local hotel & restaurant industry; and various other food based companies expanding their business in the African continent. Fruit pulp, puree, and concentrates prepared from fruits like pineapple, passion fruit etc. are largely required in Africa at present for direct consumption as well as use in diverse culinary preparations.

With the evolvement of a raging new demand arises the need to fulfil that demand and hence processed fruit products manufacturer and suppliers are foreseeing a massive market to explore in the African continent. Sun Impex being a leading producer of Non-Indian processed fruit products has a diverse range to offer for the food & beverages industry in Africa – the world’s second most-populous continent.

At present, Sun Impex has passion fruit pulp, passion fruit juice concentrate, organic passion fruit juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, passion fruit juice NFC, pineapple juice NFC and more as part of its product portfolio to cater to the African food & beverage industry’s new requirements. The leading agro-products supplier is considering Africa as a major hub for maximizing business opportunities and henceforth has already started introducing its diversified range of top grade Non-Indian processed fruit products in the region. Hopefully, in the coming years, the industry will witness Sun Impex emerging as a major player in this segment in Africa.

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