Mango puree

Mango Pulp and Puree – Making Mango Lovers Merry

Sun Impex, a reliable agro-products exporter, is all set to export a whole range of processed mango products for the global market. This includes mango pulp, puree and concentrate. It offers three primary mango varieties – Totapuri, Kesar and Alphonso. Also, only the best quality mangoes are selected and handpicked to process them into pulp, puree and concentrate.

After thorough washing with chlorine and plain water, mangoes are sent to Destoner for coarse pulping which includes destoning and peeling. Pulper and Finisher are the places where refined pulping takes place. The pulp is extracted to collection tank where it is preheated at 65 °C.

Post sterilization, the mango pulp is packed aseptically under hermetic conditions in cans and aseptic bags of 215 KG. Forklifts transport pulp to the warehouse. The average shelf-life of mango pulp is nearly 2 years, during which it completely retains its unique taste, colour and flavour. Complete traceability of the products is maintained even while manufacturing.

The Brix value of Totapuri Mango Pulp, Kesar Mango Pulp and Alphonso Mango Pulp respectively is Min. 14, Min. 14 and Min. 16. While Acidity value of the three varieties respectively is 0.40 – 0.6, 0.40 – 0.6 and 0.50 – 0.7.

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