Mango Processed Products – A Sheer Delight for the Citizens of UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one such country that has to face high rise in temperature during summer time. Despite having all the modern amenities to battle with heat waves, mango and mango processed products such as Mango Drinks, Mango ice-cream, Mango desserts, etc. are some yummy delicacies that work as snowflakes in the hot time.

Currently, mangoes and its processed products are on a boom in the cities of UAE for it is the time of Ramadan. Muslims in the UAE consume the king of fruits during their Suhoor (early meal time) and also take it while iftaar (fast-breaking time).

Restaurants also contribute to a great extent in labeling UAE as one of the biggest mango and mango products consuming countries of the world. It serves various cuisines made out of mango that is along with being delicious offers lots of health benefits.

Sun Impex is one of the leading processed mango products exporters of the world. It exports whole range of processed mango products including mango pulp, puree concentrate and mango juice concentrate. It offers three primary mango varieties – Totapuri, Kesar, and Alphonso. The processed mango products are used in making mango juice, nectars, mango based drinks, jams, fruit cheese, mango ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, yoghurt and confectionery.

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