Madagascar’s Nutritious Black Eyed Beans

Black-eyed peas have tremendous benefits for the body, which include; weight loss, vitamins, minerals to combat all sorts of issues that a body can face. From heart health – to general wellbeing – to compact power proteins – to deal with severe issues like fighting anaemia, regulating blood pressure, keeping your bones healthy and much more.

As our age kicks in, it’s essential to be mindful about what’s right for the body! Eating the right food, at the right time and feeding your body what it requires is one of the most critical elements for keeping yourself healthy!

To begin, why are black-eyed beans so good for you?

1. Gut health – one of the predominately problematic issues faced by many millennials is an unhealthy gut! The insoluble fibre found in these beans, help in keeping your gut healthy which in turn also aids in weight loss.

2. Magnificent manganese – the inclusion of the antioxidant manganese, helps in regeneration your cells and escalating your body’s energy.

3. Vitamin A – the purpose of vitamin A is to ensure that ‘harmful bacteria do not enter the body’ while maintaining the PH level of your skin. The highlight of black-eyed beans is that you can consume them raw, cooked, or boiled you will not lose the nutritional content.

4. A powerhouse of protein-protein is a vital component as it helps with muscle formation and maintenance. Proteins ensure that your muscles are strong and intact that further helps with healthy hair, skin nails etc. Women especially need adequate sources of protein as their body undergoes various hormonal stages through the multiple phases of life.

5. Combats Anemia – anaemia is known to cause severe tediousness, and weakness in the body due to the lack of iron present in the blood. Because of the lack of iron nutrient, the body is unable to carry oxygen throughout the body that further gives you energy. By consuming just ½ a cup of black-eyed beans, your iron levels are boosted and work wonders for combating anaemia.

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