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Grains are such a critical part of our diet! We are sure you know that; pulses are part of the grain family which are also termed as legumes. Legumes can be found in different forms and taste as each legume differs from the other. These include chickpeas, lentils, beans, peanuts. Pulses are a critical part of sustaining a healthy nutritious diet. Pulses contain a powerful combination of Protein, fibre, and other nutrients that have a significant impact on the body.

Every pulse, has its beneficial nutrient components that impact our body positively. Why should we include pulses in our diet?

1. Hearty heart – this is great for your heart health. Including pulses in your diet can significantly reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular. Due to the high amounts of fibre present, it dramatically improvises your heart health as it simultaneously reduces cholesterol levels. They also include high levels of potassium, that further reduces blood pressure. How you may wonder? Including potassium in your die counters the effects of sodium.

2. Reduces the risk of diabetes – pulses are known for the low GI content. Consuming foods with high GI levels has a direct effect on your blood sugar. If the food is low in GI levels such as pulses, your blood sugar levels are only raised by a small percentage, while high GI consumption can spike sugars significantly. Including pulses in your diet can reduce the risk of getting diabetes. At the same time, if you already have diabetes, including low GI foods is a great way to help manage your diabetic condition.

3. They are packed with Protein – a great inexpensive source of Protein, that provide your body with quality amino acids (the natural way). Since there are so many different types of pulses, a combination of them will aid the body in reaching the minimum protein requirement. One of the pulses that have the most protein content is soybeans, a cup includes 26 grams of Protein which is even higher than a portion of chicken. A great vegetarian source of Protein, healthy and delicious!

4. Folate – the presence of vitamin B in folate is fantastic for generating and maintaining new cells. This substance is primarily crucial during the growing years of an infant or during pregnancy. Women need to be extremely aware of the levels of folate to reduce the risk of having a child with a congenital disability. One of the pulses with a fair amount of folate present is in black-eyed peas.

Sun Impex entails a wide range of pulses for consumers, to ensure consumers can have adequate nutritional intake. They are extracted from all across the globe, with only the best quality pulses to reap the real benefits.

Decide by choosing the right pulses for adequate growth, development and entailing the proper nutrition from the right sources!

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