Sunimpex’s fruit pulp, puree and concentrates are widely valued by industries around the world for its 100% pure quality and characteristic taste of fruits. We manufacture, supply and export almost all varieties of fruit pulp, puree and concentrates in their authentic flavors. The natural taste comes from the fruits which are handpicked from the most fertile orchards of India. After the fruits are picked, the pulp extraction process begins immediately to maintain the freshness. They are sorted according to their quality, variety and ripeness before the process begins.The fruits are individually cleaned and checked for damages to make sure no unwanted taste goes into the pulp.


IQF(Individually Quick Frozen) is a technology through which fruits and vegetables are instantly frozen at very low temperatures(-30°C to – 35°C). The process allows the fruits to preserve its natural taste, nutrients and retains all the necessary vitamins. With more than 18 months of shelf-life when kept in a refrigerator at sub-zero temperatures, these frozen foods are very convenient to use in confectionaries, bakery and dessert industries. Produced directly from fresh fruits, NFC juice or the “Not From Concentrate” juice employs use of mechanical processing with slight pressure to create the nutritious juice. Sun Impex brings to you the goodness of NFC juices at a nominal price.


Organic/Bio is natural which contains more nutrients having dominant label for consumers who want to stay and avoid pesticide residue. SunImpex partners with organic certified suppliers bringing the best in terms of quality, traceability, added-value offering a complete range of organic ingredients organically natural vitamins and minerals. Derive into a holistic experience of our varieties from international producers in South America, Europe, Asia carefully selected as per the customers requirement. We adhere to the highest standards as per USDA /Organic EU. Our products extracts the finest amount of nutrients and enzymes from 100% organic fruits and vegetables.


Our flavor manufacturing capabilities captures the essence of taste, going even beyond. Our passion for creating something that works well for our clients always inspires us. But the most important aspect for us as Flavor Company is to develop products that catch the nerve of changing consumer trends.For any flavor manufacturer it is important to understand the diversity of taste. We do that by offering a huge assortment of flavour ingredients for different segments – beverage, bakery, dairy, confectionery, sweet and savoury and oral care.

Plant Based Protein

Plant based is a diet which is rich in foods derived entirely from plants made up of mostly vegetables, fruits, legumes,beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. We have good source of various protein powders beneficial to provide you with an amazing healthy living. Plant based protein is a vital nutritional necessity for your everyday requirement. SunImpex takes you to a deeper dive into the Plant-Based protein concentrates which has transformed the dietary market.


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