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IQF Pineapple is a Fresh and Fruity Finish to your Daily Diet

Pineapple is a rich tropical fruit. It has not only a delicious taste but also many health benefits. You can also take the fruit in the form of IQF slices, dices, and chunks. IQF Pineapples are carefully picked and frozen using IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method. It helps preserve the fruit’s natural flavours. IQF Pineapple are ideal for baking, adding sweetness to beverages, or snacking, adding a nutritious taste to the product.

1) Helps Relieve Sinuses

IQF Pineapple is a great ingredient to add to your diet if you’re susceptible to seasonal allergies. It contains Vitamin C and bromelain which help break down the mucus in the throat and nose and ease your condition.

 2) Strengthens Gums

IQF Pineapple contains astringent properties which help protect gum tissues and treat oral cancer. In addition, it is also suitable to have during gum retraction and to fix a loose tooth. So, add some portion of IQF pineapples to your diet to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

 3) Improves Mental Health

IQF Pineapple has the amino acid tryptophan, which is beneficial for producing serotonin- the happy hormone. It is also packed with nutrients like Vitamin B and amino acids, essential for keeping your neurological system functioning smoothly and boosting positive mood hormones.

 4) Reduces Blood Clot

IQF Pineapple contains bromelain, which helps reduce excessive blood coagulation. It is beneficial for people or frequent flyers prone or at the risk of blood clots.

 5) Treats Cold and Cough

IQF Pineapple has a high bromelain and Vitamin C presence for treating colds and cough. Bromelain is known for treating respiratory and swelling problems. Enzymes help reduce inflammation and clean excessive mucus in the respiratory system. So, add this tropical fruit to your diet every time you feel sick and experience a swift recovery.

One of the most trusted IQF Pineapple Manufacturers is Sun Impex. It has the best technology for food processing. It has not only a delicious taste but also many health benefits, making our brand a highly trusted one across the world.

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