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IQF Fruits & Vegetables – The Frozen Delights : An Overview

The Individual Quick Frozen or IQF technique revolutionized the processed food industry and changed the way manufacturers purchased and utilized the fruits and vegetables to make the final product. The technology includes freezing of fresh fruits and vegetable at a very low temperature i.e. between -30°C to -40°C. IQF technique is ideal for preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables along with their nutritional value.

So, What Drives the Demand for IQF Fruits and Vegetables?

There are a plenty of factors that encourage the demand for IQF Fruits and Vegetables. For Instance:

  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Enhanced Demand of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
  • Increasing Demand of Food Manufacturers For Making Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables Products
  • Easy Storage Properties
  • Availability of IQF Fruits and Vegetables at a Competitive Price

IQF Fruits & Vegetables : The Global Scenario

Here are some interesting forecasts in terms of IQF Fruits & Vegetables worldwide:

  • The rising inclination of the consumers towards exotic fruit supply may drive North America to lead, the United States of America being the major contributor.
  • Canada is expected to take the second position right after the United States of America.
  • Asia Pacific is not far behind and is expected to account for the double-digit CAGR due to the growing inclination of the consumer for packaged food products and increased disposable income.

Premium Quality IQF Offerings From Sun Impex

Sun Impex offers a wide range of superior quality, unadulterated, diced, sliced and completely frozen IQF fruits and vegetables offering long lasting taste, freshness and texture. Stringent quality procedures are adopted while packaging of the products to prevent spoilage and loss in transit. It supplies various IQF offerings like mango, pink guava dices, papaya slices/ dices, pomegranate arils, muskmelon slices/dices, mixed vegetables, green peas, coconut cubes, okra, cauliflower, spinach, etc.

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