From weight loss – to amazing hair – to fantastic skin, coconut is the magic that does it all!
Today, we are here to preach about the benefits of coconut and how it will miraculously change your life! Frozen to fresh, COCONUT works its wonders all the time!

Why is coconut so good for you? Because it is packed with essential nutrients such as copper, selenium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, and even potassium! The fat and calorie content in coconut is considered ‘good fat’, and it allows your body to function better, healthier and livelier! This doesn’t mean we all go on a complete coconut diet, in moderation the folate, vitamin C and thiamin that is present in coconuts will add the ‘goodness to your health once consumed regularly.

So, what does coconut do?

1. Those who need the extra boost for bowel moments – constipation is always a hassle for all! Why does it happen? When your diet is low in fibre, it results in uneasy bowel movements. When you start consuming coconut, you won’t suffer from any such trouble! Again, fun fat because coconut approximately contains 61% of fibre. In turn, it allows your gut and bowel movement to be in check!

2. Hair and skin in shape – if you suffer from dry, damaged and frizzy hair coconut is your one-stop solution! The good fat content present in coconut nourishes your skin and hair and keeps its hydrated! For those who worry about wrinkles, you can be rest assured that the consumption of coconut in your diet will ensure your wrinkles are delayed! Besides this, coconut is also a rich source monolaurin and lauric acid – which is a form of antibacterial hence helps treat acne and scalp issues. Enjoy, the antioxidants as it will reduce the cell damage and allow you to flaunt your flawless self!

3. Weight loss: Coconut helps reduce the hunger pangs, and the ‘triglycerides’ in coconut help the body burn fat faster and simultaneously suppressing the appetite.

4. Immunity booster – during the pandemic that we currently face as well, an immunity booster is a must! Consumption of coconut keeps you guarded, and works as a defence with unwanted sicknesses.

5. Reduced the risk of Alzheimer disease – according to specific research and studies conducted in the past, coconuts have ketogenic properties that help prevent Alzheimer’s and other issues such as cognitive disorders. The coconut fat is the USP that works as the therapeutic properties to keep your mental health in check.

At Sun Impex, we known the crave for refreshing and tasty coconut! Being such a versatile fruit, we ensure to be the leading premium exporters for IQF COCONUT CUBES which is prepared with ‘advanced freezing techniques’. Be rest assured, with IQF you can ‘inhale’ the same or even more benefits mentioned above. We love supplying, genuine quality and taste for our consumers.!

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