How to Prepare Scrumptious Mango Ice Cream this Summer?

Extremely succulent & delicious, mangoes are a treat to relish always – be it an alphonso, Totapuri or some other variety. The soft edible mango pulp gives an intense sensation to your taste buds as soon as your start gulping it. Mangoes being the perfect summer fruit give lots of reasons to enjoy them to get respite from the scorching summer heat. You can use juicy mangoes to prepare a range of palatable mango Ice creams to enjoy throughout the summer season.

For preparing the appetizing mango coconut Ice cream, you need quite some ingredients like coconut milk, frozen mango chunks and honey or maple syrup. Add all ingredients to a blender and pour the mixture into a container with lid and allow freezing for 3-4 hours. If you want a creamier Ice cream, you need some more ingredients like mango puree, egg yolk, milk, lime juice, sugar and heavy cream. Indeed a frozen mango delight, this delicious mango Ice cream is a real treat.

If you are a genuine chocolate lover, you will definitely adore pure chocolate flavour in your mango Ice cream. To prepare it, all you need is grated dark chocolate, mango pulp, full cream milk, corn flour, vanilla essence, fresh cream, sugar and water.

Strawberry lovers can relish flavours of the succulent red fruit by using strawberry puree along with mango puree, egg yolks, coconut extract and fresh spearmint to prepare the lip-smacking strawberry mango Ice cream. Just a little bit of effort and you can savour some of the most delicious mango flavoured Ice creams this summer. You may use a good quality mango pulp/puree for preparing the Ice creams.

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