How To Maintain Your Health During The Month Of Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holy month for the followers of Islam. During the month, Muslims from all around the world fast from sunrise to sunset without any food or drinks. Only two meals are allowed in a day, Suhoor, which is a pre-fast meal and Iftar, which is served after sunset. The fast is strictly observed by all with a positive mindset, except by the elderly, sick, and ill people, who can fast later.

To maintain your health during the month of Ramadan, you can begin with a pre-fast protein-rich healthy meal like cheese, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, halal meats, bread and sweets which will give you the much-needed energy to last throughout the day. Before the Morning Prayer begins, try to drink a lot of water or fruit juice as it will keep you hydrated and will provide your body with the necessary energy. Make sure, you eat enough to maintain your daily diet as you need to fast more than 12 hrs a day. Fruits are best during fasts, especially on Suhoor as your body can efficiently absorb all essential vitamins to keep up your health.

Iftar, the evening meal after the prayer can consist of a heavy diet. Dates and dry fruits are good options to break the fast before moving on to the main course. As you can eat throughout the night, you can start with high fiber diet, proteins, and complex carbs like meat, bread, and rice to revive the lost energy. Sweets and desserts are also a good option to raise sugar level in your body. Before going to bed, you can prepare a fruit shake with milk and mangoes as it is a popular fruit of summers. Eating fruits will also increase your metabolism and improve your appetite so that you can eat well again in the morning, during Suhoor.

If you keep up with this diet, throughout the month of Ramadan, you will be able to fulfill your duties to God without experiencing any kind of weakness in your health. STAY HEALTHY AND WISH YOU HAPPY RAMADAN.

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