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How to Have Mango Puree Without Bloating?

When you relish a fruit salad or chomp your way through your favourite fruit, you might be pleased with yourself for taking the healthy route instead of binging on junk food. But then your waist feels tight. And you wonder what just happened?

But it’s not you; it’s the fruit. While fruits are full of nutrients, some of the wholesome treats can make you feel bloated. The reason is that the sugar content in fruits can lead to digestive problems. This is why you should have a delicious fruit option like Mango Puree. Add this smoothie-like drink to your diet to avoid feeling puffy after meals.

Here, we have shared with you the best ways to have Mango Puree to prevent gassiness.

1) Stick with a One-cup Serving

Who doesn’t love relishing mangoes? But in addition to their luscious taste, mangoes, including a Mango Puree, contain dietary fibre that promotes digestive health. They are low in calories but high in water content. But, occasionally, the sugar content in a Mango Puree doesn’t get fully absorbed and makes you feel bloated. The best to help with digestion is to stick with a one-cup serving. Also, limiting the amount of sugar and carbohydrates present in the organic frozen mangoes can help you keep de-puffed.

2) Food-Combining Diet

Mango Puree is at its sweetest when added with other tropical fruits. Papaya, melons, berries, bananas, and peaches are a few options. Mixing the frozen organic fruit into other recipes is a perfect way to enjoy the king of fruits. Add it to both baked and no-bake varieties. They are all simple to make. If you find other fruits hard to digest and amp up your health, a good option can be fermented dairy products. Feel free to add it to smoothies and yoghurt.

3) Set your Timing

There is no best time to eat fruits. You can reap benefits of Mango Puree at any time of the day. But people trying to manage weight or diabetes can benefit from scheduling their fruit intake. You can have it as an afternoon or a midnight snack or even on an empty stomach. Set the perfect timing for your body and stick with the routine.

Apart from being delicious, Mango Puree is also packed with nutrients. This is why get in touch with trusted Mango Puree exporters to reap the full benefits of Mango Puree. Sunimpex is a reputed manufacturer that exports Mango Puree enriched with flavours. In addition, it produces certified mangoes of the highest quality in slices, dices, chunks, halves and wholes.

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