How the “Good-looking” Meyer Lemons Differ from Regular Lemons

The citrus flavours of lemon are something familiar to everyone. However, few must be aware about Meyer lemons that differ slightly from the regular lemons available in markets. Introduced to the United States by agricultural explorer “Frank Meyer” in the early 20th century, Meyer lemon is a cross between mandarin orange and regular lemon. Native to China, the hybrid citrus fruit is even grown as an ornamental tree in garden pots. Let’s know how it differs from the common lemon.

On grounds of appearance, Meyer lemon is smaller and much round compared to regular lemon. The skin is smoother & thin while pulp is dark yellow in colour. Regular lemons, on the other hand, have thick textured skin and medium yellow pulp. As for availability, Meyer lemons are seasonal citrus fruits and so you won’t be able to find them all year long like the regular lemons. These are moreover available from December till May.

The moderately acidic Meyer lemon is quite sweet compared to the tangy regular lemon which makes them even suited for addition to desserts and salads. Common lemons are highly acidic with abundant tang that makes it tedious to eat them straight away. Moreover, Meyer lemons feature a complex aroma similar to that of an herb or spice which is quite distinct than that of regular lemons.

In most cases, these can be substituted for each other. These can be juiced for cocktails while the pulp and zest can be used for different culinary preparations. However, regular lemons should be used specifically where considerable tanginess is desirable like for adding more depth to a sauce or enhancing flavours of soup.

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