How Nutritious Niger Seeds Work Wonders for Food & Body Relief

Also used for bird feed, Niger seeds are equally healthy for human consumption. These can be consumed roasted or in form of tasty chutney to spice up your regular meals. A spoonful of Niger seed dry chutney daily in meals is considered to render the body lighter and more energetic.

Preparing the delicious chutney is even easier & quicker. Simply roast Niger seeds in a pan until they stop crackling, and then grind together with roasted chillies, cumin seeds and salt to get coarse powdered chutney. Niger seeds also serve as an excellent high energy food for birds. However, when serving to birds, only fresh ones should be used as old Niger seeds get dried up and are usually ignored by birds.

Extracted from Niger seeds, Niger seed oil offers another effective way to leverage all the goodness of the tiny black seeds. Considered an effective substitute for healthy olive oil, Niger seed oil is extensively used on account of its rich nutrition and healing attributes. The stable oil is known to treat skin conditions while its extraordinary therapeutic properties make it useful for massages and relieving multiple body aches.

Niger seed oil can be easily deployed for food preparations too. It can be combined with linseed oil to derive some extra flavour for salad dressings. In fact, Niger seed oil works quite well when clubbed with other oils, like sesame and rapeseed oil, producing a wonderful flavour.

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