How Hulled &Unhulled Sesame Seeds Uniquely Flavouring Food Preparations

Most of us must have seen the clean looking sesame seeds in different stores. These are the most common & popular variety also referred as hulled sesame seeds deployed in a range of culinary preparations. Hulled sesame seeds possess a white tender texture and are quite delicious to eat owing to their unique nutty flavour. You can have them roasted at home or may use them in preparing tasty cookies and bread. Sesame seeds are most commonly used in burger buns to impart a unique slightly crunchy twist to the soft bun crust.

One of the most popular & easy food recipes involving use of sesame seeds is tahini. A thick paste made from hulled sesame seeds, tahini is a popular staple in several cuisines, especially in Middle East and the Mediterranean. In its simplest form, Tahini can be prepared easily at home by blending roasted sesame seeds with a neutral-flavoured oil like grape seed oil, olive oil, vegetable, oil, or canola oil. With sesame seeds, you can easily prepare a range of other dishes like Sesame halva, Tahini porridge, Tahini cookies, Tahini sauce and more.

Typically, hulled sesame seeds are used in tahini preparation; however, when prepared using the unhulled variety, it tastes quite bitter and bears slight inconsistency. The bitter taste comes from crunchy exterior hull of the seeds.

Referred as the natural variety, unhulled sesame seeds are bitter yet crunchier and mostly used in Japanese cuisines. These are even gaining popularity in America with their availability in several natural food stores in the US. Both hulled & unhulled varieties are almost equally nutritious if not equally delicious.

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