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How Coffee Bean Roasting Pours Tempting Aroma in Coffee

One of the most popular beverages worldwide, coffee has a distinct appeal associated with it due to its high caffeine content compared to other naturally produced beverages like tea. Also, the distinctive aroma coffee brings along is something most people are craving for. In fact, every second coffee drinker does the smelling multiple times while sipping the delicious, strong beverage. Having mentioned about the exotic aroma of coffee, it’s time to find out what makes the coffee so aromatic. Well, it’s the roasting process responsible for same.

During the process, green coffee packing all the flavours is roasted at suitable temperatures of around 550F to transform it into aromatic brown coffee beans. However, a lot of care is taken to avoid coffee bean burning by turning the beans constantly during the roasting process. To start off, dried green beans are roasted to internal temperature of 400F until “first crack” occurs. First crack marks the start of increase in bean size with beans turning light brown in colour.

With further rise in temperature, the beans start releasing an aromatic oil and acquire medium brown colour. It is the most crucial stage of coffee bean roasting as it imparts the rich aroma and flavour in coffee. At this stage, coffee beans are light to medium roasted and the roasting process is continued further if darker brown beans are required. After completion of roasting, coffee beans are transferred to water to allow for cooling. So that’s how your favourite delicious beverage gets that splendid, soothing aroma.

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