HORECA – Proudly serving the foodservice industry

Hotels keep their guests well nourished by offering drooling cuisines in their restaurants and Airlines make sure that their passengers’ hunger never touches a high altitude. Similarly, there exists other food service brands and chains that want their customers’ bellies full every time. Respecting the same beliefs of the food service brands across the world, Sun Impex came up with HORECA – a brand under Sun Impex that serves the foodservice industry.

If a food service brand is either looking for Grocery items, Dairy supplies, Fish, or Frozen products, HORECA is here for the rescue by offering the aforementioned items at the finest premium quality. HORECA sources perishable, dry, chilled and frozen items from various countries of the globe and delivers them at the doorstep of food service brands and chains in a short span of time, especially in the gulf region. With a terrific supply network in the USA and Far East Asia market, HORECA also specializes in import by Air on a regular basis from suppliers that are based in Europe.

Chocolate drinks, mayonnaise, butter, cheese, fresh fish, smoked fish, poultry products, frozen chicken, frozen mutton, etc. are some of the products listed under HORECA’s Grocery, Dairy, Fish, and Frozen Products categories respectively. With HORECA, Sun Impex endeavors to supply the edibles in the right quantity and at the right time so as to keep the consumers of these edibles full and delighted always.

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