Horeca – Fishing for good food

HORECA is abbreviated from Hotel – Restaurant – Catering and is one of the sectors that is growing at a rapid speed. An arm of Sun Impex, Horeca strives hard to export finest quality Fish in both frozen as well as smoked version. The fishes, which are supplied by Horeca are sourced from two places – Spain and Italy. Effective processes and packaging are undertaken in order to maintain a premium quality of fishes.

The staff of Sun Impex endeavors to retain the quality of a variety of fishes that are sourced from Spain and Italy. The fish supply of Sun Impex includes an optimum assortment of fish, as well as fish products for the clients, spread across the globe as well as for the entire food industry.

A wide variety of fish such as fresh, frozen and smoked version that has different taste , purity and nutritional value is imported by Sun Impex. It offers an array of range fish species such as shellfish, whole, gutted and fillet. Along with the above-mentioned fish species, we also carry seafood products such as fish spreads and fish salad.

Sun Impex has gained an excellent reputation with international buyers based on an efficient chain of production, processing and distribution of fishes. With a very strong import and export network in Europe, the United States of America and Far East Asia, HORECA of Sun Impex caters to the special requirement of the players in the foodservice industry.

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