Good Health All the Way with Green Moong Beans

Green moong beans, also known as Golden Gram is native to Asia, Europe, and the United States. These delights are creamy and add a biteable texture to various curries, salads and soups. When health is the ultimate goal of life, green moong beans can power up the body to achieve it.

Its health benefits include fighting aging and maintaining good hair scalp health. It keeps the heart healthy by decreasing deposition of cholesterol in the arterial walls. It forms a meal packed with nutrition and keeps body weight under control.

Sun Impex, a reliable exporter of agro-products supplies Pede, Annyar, Taungu Shwewar and Pahkokku varieties packed under extreme cleanliness by adhering to the quality standards the clients’ value.

It offers a whole range of green moong varieties sourced from Argentina and Madagascar and packaged as per customer requirement. It has a loadability of 21-24 MT.

To get your hands on these premium quality green moong beans, book your order NOW!

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