Frozen Shrimps : An Exotic Delicacy

If you have ever visited the seashores and have tasted some of the delicacies out there, you would probably know the mouthwatering taste of seafood. The juicy tender bites with the perfectly textured gravy make a flawless appetizing combination. But now with the availability of frozen shrimps you won’t ever have to miss the taste anymore, even if you are far away from the sandy beaches, you can bring the dish to life right at your kitchen.

To start with, you will need to gather some general home ingredients like butter, capers, parsley, garlic, pepper, lemon juice and some frozen shrimps. The next step is to heat oil in a pan on a high flame. After the oil begins to smoke, layer the shrimps on the hot oil and add salt to taste along with some garlic and red pepper flakes. Next, pout some capers, ½ teaspoon of butter and a bit of parsley to give it a savory taste. Now, let the shrimps and spices cook for about 1 minute then, keep it in a low flame for about 2 to 3 mins.

When you see the shrimps turning sizzling red, transfer them to a bowl but leave the butter sauce in the pan to cook for another 2 mins. After everything is cooked, pour the sauce over the fried shrimps and you are ready to eat. You will certainly feel an urge of excitement every time you take a bite of this delicacy.

This dish can be cooked in a lot of different ways with many more ingredients, or you can choose Frozen Shrimps Black Tiger, Frozen Vannamei Shrimp PDTO or Frozen Vannamei Shrimp PD with shrimps with peeled tail on/off for a much better taste. All types of frozen shrimps can be purchased from SUNIMPEX.

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